About The Film


Once a strong and independent woman, Kathy Lugavere finds herself struggling with her memory. In a quest to find his mother the best care, Max Lugavere moves home to New York City and begins to consult with top health experts to investigate the origins of Dementia, a disease which now affects a staggering 55 million people globally. The deeply personal film chronicles Kathy’s experience with Dementia as Max explores methods outside of prescription medication to slow her illness down. LITTLE EMPTY BOXES presents a raw perspective of Kathy's journey and the hardships of being a caretaker as her son is willing to do anything to save his mother.


My world stopped in 2011 when, on what was supposed to be a relaxing summer vacation, my mother couldn’t recall what year it was. Pressing her, in disbelief, she struggled to find the answer and began to cry. That was the moment I knew our lives would never be the same. LITTLE EMPTY BOXES wasn't a film I planned to make. It crept in, claws out. Watching dementia cripple her life was excruciating, but within that pain bloomed a purpose. I had to do my best to understand this condition, not just for her, but for everyone facing the abyss of cognitive decline. My film isn't about medical pronouncements or miracle cures. It's raw, messy, and deeply personal. It's a plea for empathy, a tribute to my mom, and a love letter to the science of dementia prevention. It is my hope that by sharing my mom's story, we can illuminate the path not just to delaying, slowing, or even, possibly, preventing this condition, but to cherishing every fragile memory, every laugh, every "I love you" before the boxes become truly empty. This film isn't about endings; it's about making the most of what remains, together.